Our Rooms

Glenn's House

6160 peso per night / good for 2 person

Max 6 Person / Extra - 350 peso per person

(Named after Engr. Glenn A. Bagley who designed the house)
Glenn’s house is a charming and beautiful cottage designed for a family home or honeymooners. It is located right on the beach with great ocean views and you can hear waves lapping on the shores. Watch stunning sunrises and sunsets. Early morning, when the rest of the world is still asleep you can have a cup of coffee or tea out on your deck. Hear birds singing and watch local fishermen right in front of your Cottage. Lazi Beach Club is located in a cove so it has some privacy and a kilometer long shore of walking areas where you can find seashells and old corals.

Glenn’s house is a two storey house with a total area of 106 square. meters. Houses maximum of eight (8) family guests.

First floor: 65 square meters - 1 King bed and one (1) private matrimonial with Canopy Queen Bed for honeymooners and with air-con and fan. Second floor: 29 square meter -2 Queen Beds and 2 Fans Deck: 12 square meter- Sitting area for relaxation, family bonding and conversations. For Active adventurous Travelers: It has a kilometer long walking beach areas where you can find seashells, old corals, volcanic rocks and drift woods. Snorkeling  is also great nice corals. Glenn’s House has hot and colds showers with marble bathrooms. Hot and cold purified drinking water is also available. Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Bar onsite. Come, visit and stay with us.

Beachfront Cottage

P2,640 Peso for 2 Person only

- Extra Person 250 Peso per person
- Maximum 3 Person extra
- Non air con , only Fan


Beachfront Cottage

Seaside cottage

P3,960 Peso for 2 Person

- Extra Person 350 per Person
- Maximum 5 person extra
- Aircon and fan

Occupancy Based Rates :
5 Guests - Php 4400
4  Guests = 4400 less 350 - Php 4050
3 Guests = 4400 less 700 - Php 3700


Seaside cottage